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Terms and Condition for Holidays, Excursions, Day Trips and Private Hire

The following text forms part of conditions of travel with Shire Travel International Limited and those who intend to book services provided.

Please make sure you are aware of the following Terms and Conditions before booking and obtaining services provided. Deposits made form part of the Terms and Conditions of which your agree to. Please read them carefully and that you understand them.

Terms and Conditions

The booking terms and condition, together with other policies when booking online, or telephone bookings form the basis of your contract with ShireTravel International Ltd.

The use of emails forms part of our Privacy and intelligence policy which reduces waste and improves time on communication. we will not share or pass on your personal details you provide us. We take great care to minimise identity theft, cyber hacking and data protection.

Making any payments whether it be a deposit of full payment

that a person or persons booking a “Holiday, Day Trip Private Hire of a vehicle or an Excursion” is agreeing to and is accepting the “Terms and Conditions” .

  1. Bookings and Payments

When a booking is made for a sole passenger or on behalf of any number of passengers, this will be deemed as “Lead Name” on the booking. He or she must be over the age of 18 years of age and accepts the responsibility of the “Private Hire, Day Trip, Excursion or Holiday”, payments, deposits and supplying “Names, contact details and addresses” of those who are traveling. NO passengers under the age of 16 can travel alone unless accompanied with a responsible adult over 18 years of age.

Bookings can be made over the telephone or via the website. Confirmation of bookings will be sent to “Lead Name”. It will be the responsibility of the “Lead Name” to check details of the booking. Any alterations can be made prior to a deposit being paid at no extra cost. Once the deposit has been made, alterations can be made at an additional cost of £20 per alteration.


  • Deposit payments are the responsibility of the “Lead Name”

  • A deposit to the value of a quarter of the “Private Hire” or per person for “Holidays” will be required to secure the date and time of hire when booking.

  • “Day trips or Excursions” must be paid for in full after confirmation of booking.

  • Supplements for seat reservation must be paid at the time of booking. (See section 9 Seating arrangements)

  1. Payments

Deposits and payments


A preliminary reservation will be made at the time of Interest show for any holiday advertised. This can be made via website, telephone or in person.

This will be until a deposit or full payment is made.

A minimum of 10% of holiday cost will be required to reserve your intentions shown on dates and location.

The balance of the cost of the holiday will be required 56 days before departure date. If the departure date is within 56 days of departure, the full amount must be paid.

If we do not receive full payment within 56 days before departure date, we will treat your booking as cancelled and payments made will be subject to cancellation

Private Hire

When quoted for a private hire, this will be preliminary booked with a reference number. To secure the date and vehicle, this will require 10% of hire quote or £50 whichever is greater as deposit.

The “Lead Person” or “Lead person Associate'' when booking on behalf of a Club or Society group will be responsible for the payments of Deposits. Further payments up to full hire price must be made 14 days before the hire date.

Day Trips and Tour Excursions.

Must be paid in Full for all passengers at the time of booking. No deposit will be accepted.

Where optional items such as “Theatre Tickets or Attraction Venue” have been purchased on your behalf, the balance due will be advised and invoiced separately. The cost and payments will be separate and is not conditional to “Private Hire, Excursion or Holiday” payments.

Additional costs

There may be an requirement to sign a " Damage Caused" document which is dependent on the reason for hire. This is be put in place for private hires used for “Stag or Hen Parties, Sporting events Competitors and Sports supporters”. This document is usually given as a guarantee to pay costs of Damaged Caused between “Hirer, Lead Name or supporters club official” and Shire Travel International Limited. This is a written statement covering an agreement. This is to cover the cost of damage that may occur during hire.

  1. You Cancel Bookings Made

Private Hire If you intend to cancel a Private Hire booking made, you must notify us in writing as soon as possible. this must be done in writing to us via email shire.travel@hotmail.com

Holidays and Excursions

If you intend to cancel your bookings made, you must notify us in writing as soon as possible. This must be done Via email to shire.travel@hotmail.com the cancellation time and date will only take effect after receipt of cancellation.

This must be done by the “Lead Name”. Include all references and names of person/s related to, on the booking.

  1. Health And Safety

Depending on the distance and length of your coach journey, it may be necessary for the coach to use rest-bite breaks to its destination. This may also coincide with Driving Hours Regulations. This will also give the passengers time to alight the vehicle and take a comfort break and a refreshment.

Some people traveling may be at risk or discomfort of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) if they immobile while they travel for long periods. If you or a member of your party are planning to undertake a coach journey of more than 3 hours. If you ever had DVT, Pulmonary Embolism, or family history of clotting, you should consult your doctor before traveling.

It is a legal requirement that all passengers are to wear a seat belt when onboard and the vehicle is in motion. If you or a member of your party is exempt from wearing a seat belt, an exception certificate must be shown.

  1. Passenger Behaviour

We want all our customers to be happy and have a carefree journey.

You are responsible for your own behaviour and hygiene that may affect others. If you or a member of your party are abusive, disruptive or behaves in a way that could cause damage, injury to others that may affect the journey to other passengers or crew members onboard the vehicle.

We have the right to terminate the contract of “Private Hire, Day Trip or Excursion” you have made with us and we will have no further liability to you or anyone causing such behaviour.

  1. Our Coaches and Seating Arrangements

We will use reasonable endeavourr to provide a vehicle to a specification for your hire, Day trip or holiday. However we reserve the right to substitute an alternative vehicle or hire in “Other Coach Companies vehicles” should there be any unforeseen circumstances arise.

Seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis at the time of booking. You will be advised following payments made. These seats will be your seats for the duration of a Day Trip, Excursion or Holiday booked

If you require “Specific Seat Allocation” due to a health condition or enjoyable seat position can be made subject to availability.

  • Day trips or Excursions - £2.50 per person per day

  • Holiday or tour up to 2 nights - £2.50 per person per day

  • Holiday or tour up 5 nights - £2.50 per person per day

In the majority of cases each vehicle seat configuration is two passengers side by side. In cases where 3 or single seats are booked, this may require a passenger to sit next to another single seated passenger.

If you feel that you do require 2 seats for a comfortable journey, you must advise us before booking. This will require you to pay for the additional seat unoccupied next to you and be paid for in advance at the time of booking. If you fail to advise us and transpires that the seat allocated is insufficient for your needs and there are no alternative seating available, you will be denied access to the vehicle.

Children Passengers Seats.

We do not supply passenger child seats or any adult seat adjustment device.

If you or any member of your party require seat adjustment devices to help with the use of an adult seat, you are most welcome to bring them along.

It will be the responsibility of the “Lead Name” on a “Private Hire” booking for passenger seat allocation.

  1. Passengers with Disabilities

Our vehicles are not suitable for passengers who have health conditions or who have walking difficulties. At this present time, we are unable to provide wheelchair access to the passenger cabin area of any vehicle.

  1. Smoking

No Smoking is permitted on any vehicles. This also includes the use of E-Cigarettes and other smoking devices

  1. Pets

We do not allow pets or any other animals on board or to travel with the coach. With the exceptions of accompanied assistance registered Dogs such as Guide dogs and therapy dogs. Such dogs must be identified at the time of booking and can only be accompanied on UK coach travel.

  1. On-Board Refreshments

  • On selected Departures, there will be on-board refreshments available, this will be advised.

  • You will be allowed to bring your own refreshments. This must be cold snacks and not takeaway foods.

  • Please note that the consumption of alcohol is not permitted on board any vehicle.

  1. Luggage

All luggage must be clearly identified with persons name, phone number, hotel name and return name drop off point. All luggage must be a single suitcase up to an 18kg per person and one small hand luggage per person which can be stored under the seat or on above head racks. If two passengers use the same case, this must not exceed 30kg

Additional luggage such as pushchairs or wheelchairs must be advised on when booking and again clearly identified.

  1. Loss of Personal Belongings

Shire Travel International Ltd,. are not responsible for the loss, damage to luggage or personal belonging while traveling on our vehicles. It is the responsibility of all passengers to ensure they have the necessary insurance cover for personal loss. It is your responsibility to oversee your own luggage in the vehicle storage lockers. In the event of luggage being left behind. We will assist with the return of the property but it is the owners responsibility for any additional costs.

  1. Punctuality

Please check your final documents for departure time and location for both outgoing and return journeys.

Please be at the departure location at least 30 minutes before departure.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss or expenses incurred by passengers arriving late at the departure time.

Our staff will act in accordance to the road regulations in the country of which the vehicle is traveling. We will endeavour to arrive safely and without discomfort rto passengers traveling with us. There may be times where the journey will take longer than accounted for due to road works, road closures and diversions. We will proceed with our utmost professionalism to arrive at the destination on time with comfort and safety in mind.

  1. Insurance

It is advisable to take out personal travel insurance on holidays or excursions for the loss of personal belongings while traveling abroad. Any claims against Shire Travel will require written correspondence between both parties and insurance policy documents supplied with all claims

  1. Cancellations

  1. If You

Decide to cancel your confirmed booking, you must notify us in writing, as soon as possible. This must be done by e-mail and sent to shire.travel@hotmail.com

Your notice of cancellation will only take effect from the date we receive it and send a confirmation or receipt. This must be done by the “Lead Name” on the booking.

  1. If We

We endeavour to keep you informed on any changes to your “Hire, Day trips, Excursion and Holiday”. We will inform you in writing of any changes that need to be made.

  1. Amendments

We reserve the right to amend, alter and postpone “Day Trips, Holidays and Excursions”

With prior notice. This may be due to lack of support or unforeseen circumstances. You have the right to use deposits and monies paid to transfer to another event within the price range of the postponed event, depending on availability.

Appendix 1

Cancellations of Holidays Refund Breakdown

No of days Notice Before Departure Cancellation Charge

Change of holiday date 5% cost of holiday admin fee

More than 56 Days Deposit Only

within 49-55 days 30%(or deposit if greater)

Within 22 -48 days 50%

Within 8 - 21 Days 70%

Within 24 Hours -7 Days Total Package Price

Departure Day Total Package Price

Private Hire Cancelations

Deposits will secure the Private hire for the size of vehicle and date required. The deposit must be 10% of the hire cost or £50 dependent on greater value.

Cancelation Date Cancellation Charge

Over 14 days of hire Deposit paid

Within 14 Days Loss of money Paid

Day Trips or Excursions

Payments for Day Trips and Excursions will be paid in full when booking

No of Day before Departure Cancellation Charge

More than 14 Days Total amount Paid

Within 14 days Total amount paid

Amendments to or transfers No Charge.


We make every effort to ensure your travel arrangements made with us run smoothly and safely but if you have any problems, please bring it to the attention of our member of staff at the earliest time, we will endeavour to put them right. If we can not resolve the issue and you feel that you need to complain further, you must send a formal complaint Via Email. To Shire.travel@hotmail.com within 28 days of the incident. Please give details of the date, time of incident and nature of what had happened and people involved.

We will endeavour to respond within 14 days of receipt of your concerns and hope to resolve in an amicable resolution.